Over weight girls with strech marks

Guys what do you think about over weight girls with stretch marks? Why are guys always mean to them? Does it really matter?


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  • IS there a body bleach? I've never heard of it, myself, but...

    Hmmm. If you're really concerned about it, there are probably medications that might be safer as well as different treatments that might be better. Perhaps check it out with a doctor or health professional.

    Play to your strengths too. If you're heavy, and have stretch marks (a problem that even some males can have, as I used to get them in my "chubby boy years") What fixed that was I dropped a lot of weight over a summer, had a growth spurt, and was running around a lot.

    Barring that, definitely consult with someone who knows what they're doing.

    Also, some guys just don't care so much. They can look past it, if you're willing to look past their physical issues. Now, granted, it's harder in high school for people to be deep, profound, and willing to look past popular vote, but it does happen.

    Overweight can be fine. Some guys prefer it. I was a little surprised by how attracted I was to a heavy set woman I used to date, but that was because I thought she was a great person. She worked out, so she tried to make sure she was doing healthier things. That was the important stuff.


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  • Well usually guys aren't use to them really. But you van by bleach to make them lighter I'm not saying that's to be mean but you really can just by body bleach and put it on there if not over time the stretch marks will just go away.

  • Both girls AND guys have stretch marks. I was always made fun of for my weight but I've noticed as I grew older guys started to care less about it. My fiance pointed out stretch marks I have on my arms and I got mad at him for it... so he pulled up his sleeves and showed me his and he isn't even close to being overweight. If you are concerned about it talk to your doctor there may be medications that can help you with those. And if a guy makes fun of you for being overweight and having stretch marks they aren't worth your time it just goes to show you deserve someone better! So have confidence in yourself and don't let ANY guy get the best of you!!!

  • I'm not overweight (9st UK8-10) and I have stretch marks in my upper legs!

    I'm pretty sure it's because at night I tense my legs a lot..... then in the morning they're really sore.

    I wouldn't think stretch marks would turn somebody off would they!?

    If so then I hope they're a prized-picture themselves I'll tell you that much!

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