What would attract a white guy to a black girl?

i really like black guys and I'm a light skinned black girl. I just wanna know what would attract them? or how I would I flirt with them? idk.

just wondering what attracts a white guy to a black girl?


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  • All you have to do is be you but I will say no basketball shorts no house shoes to the store I always see beautiful girls just looking a hot mess in public and then they bitch that the guys they want they can't get ...duh a guy with his life together isn't going to walk into a place look at all the people and go Oh man that girl with house slippers basketball shorts and dingy socks is the one


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  • The black girls I notice usually have pretty faces and are much, how shall I put it, "quieter" than the average stereotypical young black female might be. I also like quiet white girls too so it's not just a black thing. A sense of style and sophistication is always a plus, which means dressing like she respects herself and isn't trying to get everyone to look at her chest and/or butt. These same things apply to other races too.


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