Why can I never stay mad at her?

It doesn't seem to matter if I'm seriously mad, or just trying to act annoyed. Absolutely every time she can just make me smile.. It seems as if I do the same. Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing for arguments sake, like we almost never fight.. but still.

(this is more a curiosity thing than a complaint)
we've been together for a little over 9 months now. only had one decent argument. but even then we were over it by the next day. (was a pretty serious matter by the way)


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  • it seems like you really love each other. I'm glad you guys have each other. I hope it stays that way. :)

    • i read your update, definately still have the same answer. for all the people who think kids under 20 can't possibly know what love is, you're wrong. I truly loved and still love someone who loved me also but died last year. he was my best friend before/during then. I'm not saying this for pitty, I'm saying it to prove a point.

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    • its alright, not your fault. and again, this proves my point. I still love him. I don't think ill ever connect with a guy the way I did with him ever again. it was nearly perfect. the only flaws were that he was a little possessive, but I thought it was cute when he'd get a little jealous but we'd talk it out like mature adults instead of fight, break-up, get back together, fight, break-up and so on. that and he hated country music, which I love. those were his only flaws and I still love him mor

    • e than anyone I've ever had a relationship with (whether platonic or not). we gave our all into the relationship. first emotionally and mentally (caring/supporting each other) then later on physically too. sometimes I feel a little lost without him. he always had a way with words and getting me through the bad times and vice versa. I could care less if I had a romantic relationship with him or not, as long as I got my best friend back I would be fully content.

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  • You're smitten with each other. You just make each other so happy just by being together that it makes up for any aggravation. I'm guessing you've been together not too long? The thing is that it's not normal to never fight - it's an important part of learning each others' boundaries and no matter how close two people are, they are separate people and so they change and grow at different rates.

    Sounds like you have a great thing going though.


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