The fake look. I just read through a question that was about a year old?

And... It was about, as QA called it, the 'Fake look'. And she was saying, I don't even know what she was asking. She was just saying about how much she hated those girls. Who doll up in fake tan applied with heavy hand, makeup with heavy brush, and unashamedly dyed hair. Saying how fake and unattractive it was.

And everyone agreed with her. Every single person on that question - the guys said how disgusting and, some, pathetic it was that girls made themselves that way, and the girls said how they hated it when other girls did that, and blamed the 'Media', the one-toothed, cigar smoking, shapeless form that pours derision and evil upon poor youth, eh? Which has affected *no other generation*...


It surprised me that nobody, not even one person, for a YEAR, said that they liked it. Nobody like it? I LOVE it, honestly. I think it looks absolutely amazing. Like I said on the question, its a new kind of beauty, and it amazes me. Its modern beauty, 'beauty from the bottle'. And its fascinating. Its a look that breathes the life of the city, and its beautiful.

So, I'm asking, is there ANYONE here who likes it? I've never met ANYONE in real life who likes it either. I know one guy who likes it. One guy, like. But its not his preference or anything, like it is mine. Just a bit of a fetish.
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  • What are you talking about, you inane f**?
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Holy sh*t, someone edited my question's title before it was even posted. Quick work


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    • LOL. Oh, yeah. You totally cleared that up for me, thanks. Hahahha.

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    • Thank you for the best answer. I think you were over-analyzing it. I was just referring to the scene where all the captured slaves claimed that they were Spartacus. I interpret your question as if you were asking how come no one here admitted that they like women who are all dolled up, maybe because no one wants to be accused for being shallow. Then, you went on and said you do like these women, regardless anyone say. By saying "I am Spartacus!", I was saying, "Me too!"

    • Ooohhhhhh! I seeeeee.

      Excellent! Excellent!

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What Girls Said 10

  • Anything overdone is bad. Same with makeup. I personally love lipstick -- especially the reds and the wine colors. They really bring out my eyes and teeth -- my two positive facial features. I don't wear any other form of makeup. I would love to wear eyeliners but I have a shaky hand, so I'm sure I'll botch that. Mascara looks pretty fake on me as I have long eyelashes to start with. So when I add mascara, it looks like I'm getting ready to poke people with my lashes.

    • Hahah. I like things overdone. Materialistic indulgence, it intrigues me. Red lipsticks cool, like those old burlesque dancers.

    • I've been told that it takes confidence to pull off red lipstick. One guy I knew would always refer to those shades as whorehouse red or tart-ish. Nice, huh!

    • Hahaha, well they are, essentially. They come up from french and german brothels, and like I said burlesque dancers and like, those strippers that'd be on in those dirty french bars, where Jacques Brel would have sang. So he's not far wrong, hahaha.

  • I sort of like it too!

    I'm a real artfreak. A woman's face is like an open canvas; simple beauty. Makeup plays with the mind and sparks her beauty.

    But only if its applied right.

    Much like a painting

    • =] Good mode of the thought. I like that too. Cosmetic art, its fair to say, hahaha.

  • Sorry I think that look is kinda too fake for my likes. I prefer scene kid make up and hair. What was the original title ?

    • Scene kids look amazing. And it was just 'I just read through a question..' etc

  • you should have another option : if that's the look the chick likes for herself she should go for it. and that's my honest opinion.

    i don't appreciate someone telling me what I should or should not look like and I definately wouldn't tolerate someone doing that to my friends, so there would be no way in the world you would catch me telling another chick how to dress.

    now if she really hates getting fake tans and putting on tons of make up but is just doing it to fit in or to get a guy, yeah that's fake. but a lot of chicks just like dressing up and are willing to try the latest trends at least once. it's fun for them. not my thing but if they wanna try it out, go for it. it's just like trying a new cocktail mix at a bar, only slightly more expensive.

    • Excellent. Good stuff. And yeah, well, I would have given an option if I was really looking for peoples opinions, but as I said I'm trying to find out of there is anyone else on GAG who thinks the way I do, just hasn't had a chance to mention it, you know?

      Also; depends on the bar you go to, hahaha.

  • Girls do quite a bit of preparation in the morning in an attempt to be prettier than other girls. The fact that some do this to a higher degree makes them no different from the supposed "majority." I guarantee you that most girls who answered that question, despising those who put a lot of effort into their look, are very high maintenance themselves.

    I developed this theory in high school after listening to females talking about waking up at 5 AM just to get ready for a bullsh*t day at school. And how they always HAD to wear makeup and an 'outfit.' They walk around as friends, but the reality is that they are all secretly competing with each other. It's not that I was jealous of them, I just saw them for what they were.

    • I don't believe they are incapable of being friends

    • yes, that's true, in some friendships, but the competition always exists. I think true friendship is a rarity. I think most people sort of 'collect' their friends in order to strengthen their social status and image.

  • I do not know what you are saying. Sorry.

  • I think girls are pretty.

  • I don't know what you're talking about!

  • Here's my take:

    Guys say that they hate it because they want to be bitched at by everyone for admitting they like the hot girl. Cause lets face it, those girls do look good. They put in that effort and time and money because they want to look hot. And whether the guys admit it or not, those girls are never single. They have swarms of guys after them. Guys who don't care they're "fake". Which by the way, I don't think is fake at all. Everyone dresses themselves up somehow to be more attractive to guys/girls

    Girls say they hate that because they're insecure about their own appearance. They will never be that hot barbie doll type of girl and therefore hate on other girls who are simply for one reason: jealously. They hate that those girls are more attractive, get more attention, more guys, etc. Things they can't have, so they hate on them.

    • Excellent =] I never like to go into the 'jealousy' theory, but yours is a little similar to my offered reasoning for it. Its very clear that guys who say they don't like girls like that are just pandering to girls who say the same, though. =]

  • I really like the fake look too! People are just lying and trying to sound politically correct when they say they hate the fake look. The few girls I know around town who sport the fake look are all considered to be some of the prettiest girls, girls hate on them and guys want to be with when people come on GaG and talk about it being unattractive, that's obviously a lie. If I had more money I'd probably look more fakish to be honest.

    • Very true =] I think a lot of it is insecurity, really. Like girls who don't go into that quite often feel like they're better than them on some level, by being 'natural'. And when they reap no noticeable rewards from that, they feel insecure about it and so trash them, or are at least hostile. And ofcourse, lads pander to them, 'cos they wanna get bucked, hahaha. And on GAG things are taken to like, sociopathic levels, LOL.

      Really? Its all the poor girls sport it round here.

What Guys Said 3

  • I don't really like it, although there is one girl in my town who has bleached blond hair and wears quite abit of makeup, she doesn't have the whole plastic surgery, fake breasts thing, or big breasts for that matter. But she is completely gorgeous, having said that, she'd probably be more gorgeous without it. Either way, I would... ;)

    • I wasn't talking about fake breasts or anything. That doesn't happen where we live, does it? LOL.

      Haha, nice. Get 'er bucked!

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    • Surely! :P

  • My girlfriend where's very little make up, maybe just eye liner / mascara or whatever and she's also quite pale but I think she's beautiful. Saying that... I DO like what the "fake look" TRIES to be.

    I would find a tanned girl attractive, but not an orange girl, so find me a girl who's been in the sun or a girl with fake tan that isn't flourescent then fine... the fake look is OK.

    Find me a girl with rosy lips and I would want to kiss them, and long eyelashes so I could stare into her eyes then GREAT! But find me a girl who looks like she has spiders growing out of her eyes because her eyelashes are too long and thick, and Bright red lips making her look like a prostitute for clowns then I'm not so keen. There are limits, you can wear loads of make up and look awesome, you could also wear no make up and look naturally beautiful, just don't over do it!

    Do guys want a woman, or a blow-up barbie doll?

    +the other thing is like 12 year olds who start wearing make-up and £50 perfume with designer clothes... what is the point?!

    • Big fan of dyed hair though, especially red looks hot!

    • I don't like natural tan, hahaha. I'm totally the opposite.

      Red dyed hairs great.

  • Personally I like a look that is natural because natural to me looks effortless. When a girl invests a lot of time and effort into modifying the way she looks, it makes me think negatively about her personality. It makes me think that she puts WAY too much stock in outward appearance and in impressing others. I also like consistent looks, like me. I've dressed and done my hair the same way since I was a kid because it suits me and it's low-maintenance.

    I like a look that says "I spent no more than 20 minutes getting ready this morning because I'm not out to impress anyone else--I dress for comfort and for function."


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