If a guy is too short does that mean he is not good enough?

Even if he is taller than the girl but she does not think he is tall enough for her? Or if he is the same height as her? Or even if he is the same height or just a tiny bit shorter when the girl is wearing heels?

I'm 5'4'' and I want to ask out this girl from church. I saw her last night at a party and she was just a tiny bit taller than me in heels. And her heels were big. I'm thinking she will turn me down because of this.


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  • NO. height isn't a deciding factor.


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  • Height isn't too much of an issue. I have a friend who's a lot taller than her boyfriend and they're really happy together. You should ask her out. Chances are, she probably doesn't even care and she's been eyeing you in church as well :) Have you talked to her yet? I reckon you should go for it!

    But personally I go for guys taller than me because I like the sense of security when we're out together - I'm quite short, so it's not hard for a guy to be taller than me lol.

  • Everyone likes different things. Some girls like tall men, some like short. Personal preference. I'd get chatting to this girl and befriend her and see where things lead. You have nothing to lose by just saying hi :o) Good luck ~X~X~X~

  • Then flat footed you're all good. I'm 5'8" and I've gone out with someone as short as 5'3", personally I prefer taller guys, and I'm not sure I'd ever go that short again, but I'll give you a shot if I click with you.


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