Women, I need some hair advice....

I usually rock my hair fairly short. I've been growing it out, and I didn't realize how inept I was at hair care. Its been getting scissored cut, and I've been blow drying it so it doesn't damage (..one of the things it took me awhile to learn).

Now, its to the point it is just looking too awkward to comb forward. I want to brush it back, but I'm unsure what type of product to use. I don't want it all slicked backed but more flowy lol, are we talking hairspray or mousse or what? Any other tips, advice, or preferences for medium to longer hair on men is appreciated.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • it really depends on the shape of your face, though guys with confidence can rock just about any look. personally, you dislike long hair on a man because I think it looks too feminine, but I'm cool with anything else - bald, mohawks, short hair, etc.

    as far as hair care goes, it depends on your hair type and scalp. do you have an oily scalp or dray scalp? is your hair fine, thick, course, curly, frizzy, etc? it differs completely based on different types of hair.

    btw, blow drying actually does damage your hair.


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  • I don't know because I'm adverse to using more than shampoo, conditioner and heat tool/frizz protectant on my hair, but my brother has longish hair and he just brushes it back when it's damp.


What Guys Said 1

  • Try getting shampoos with out SLS. I like the products from Sensible Addictions they have great fragrances (for women and men). In your case they have a Aloe Shampoo that may be right. They have salon quality products. Also I would consider using a conditioner at least to start alternale between leave-in conditioner and regular conditioner. Try Sensible Additions products do not contain SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) or Parabens. Even of you don’t care about that kind of stuff you will find their products makes your hair feel good, healthy and smell good. Try their stuff I think you will like them.


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