What did my friend do wrong?

We saw some guy peel out and with loud music and the girls went oooo. So my friend puts his hat on sideways starts blasting the killers pulls into 7 11 at a fast speed jumps out of the car and strutti ng like george jefferson walks into the 711. The girls look at him the same way then go what's wrong with this guy. So what did my friend do wrong?


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  • You're not really 30-35 are you? What he did wrong may have to do with how he looks. These girls may not have been impressed with him as he was acting and he wasn't as good looking as the other guy. For the record some guy doing this would turn me off no matter how good looking he is.

    • Omg do girls realy go by that stuff. that sucks I've never heard a girl admit to that before. most girls say its the attitude.

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    • Im talking about how you described girls in general. and I never even stated my age as a part of this thing

    • No put your age is a requirement every time you post something.

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  • I can't figure out anything cool about this. I wouldn't have thought the first guy was cool either, though, so maybe I'm of no help here.

  • lol. strutting like george jefferson. that made my day.

    • Yea that's exactly what he looked like. lol although years later the actor turned out to be gay. lol il never be able to watch that pillow fight he had with mr. Bently the same way. lol

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