Ladies: What are some questions no other guy would ask you?

What are some questions or things no other guys or average guy would ask/do? Like I'm not talking about Hollywood movie stuff like flowers and putting his heart on the line.

I'm just wondering how some girls stand out more than others, just by what they say or do. Oppose to those who just try and look cute and flirt with you.

Bonus: I heard girls are attracted to guys who don't pay them no attention, like the hot girls I mean.. Every guy would be breaking their neck to see them and then and you'd just be chillin'.

(I'm just wondering b.c a girl described me as mysterious before lol, and then she's like some girls like mysterious guys, but when I thought about I like mysterious girls too, like girls I have to find out about to really know them..

Answer,Comment,Hate?,Rate. ;)

One Love.


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  • i can honestly say that I absolutely love the guys that sit back and don't look whilst others wink, or stare, if you naturally keep your eyes to yourself, your one in a million. mysterious guys are sexy:p


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