What makes a girl unattractive?

Not that I'd change anything about me to attract a guy...but what makes a girl unattractive because I'd like to know if I'm doing something that's unattractive. Wow, that was really repetitive.


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  • Even your eyes or your hairstyle can make you unattractive. But it differs for everyone. To me, looking like a genuine slut (black skin coat with red mini skirt and red high heels, for example, with some pink involved and blond hair) is a red flag, while for others, that's the ultimate perfect ideal. You can't really know.

    But for one certain thing, being bitchy and needy and whiny is a definite off.


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  • I think that the main thing that makes some girls unattractive is having an bad personality, like being mean, uncaring, bitchy, hateful, spiteful, etc. For me a girl could be extremely beautiful and ugly on the inside, and I wouldn't think she was attractive at all.

  • Inside unattractive


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