All the really good looking girls at the bar?

Apparently never get talked to all that much lol.. I just turned drinking age been to bars now and seems like all the really hot girls don't get talked to all that much and I got the guts to talk to one about it and she finds it weird too.

I'm not sure if its something just where I live but do you girls find that too?


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  • I'm gonna give you a good pointer, buddy.

    I've been doing this stuff for years. Going to the bars and seeing beautiful girls out. Trust me, I would have made so many approaches while out and about but there's a few problems associated with this:

    GIRLS AREN'T OPEN TO RANDOM STRANGERS. They have their friends around and that's all they want to keep acquainted with. And when a new stranger comes about, they tend to dismiss him quickly even though he has good intentions (well, honestly, they already know the guy likes them but they don't wanna give him a chance).

    If you're a really hot guy, even so, there's a problem with it. Some girls will be jealous or intimidated with your looks that they'll want you to go away. But other girls will be OPEN to see who you are.

    So anyhow, your best bet is to try approaching anyway and see what comes about. Some girls will exchange words with you, some will not. Girls will be distracted with their friends, while others will tell you to get the f*ck lost. Yeah, the b*tch shields are sometimes high.

    You're dealing with unique girls and guys. Everyone is dfferent. But on most occasions, girls and guys are just chilling with who they know. It's like high school all over again - the cliches, the groups who stay together and don't socialize outside of their group. Or perhaps they'll bring other acquaintences in because they've seen them before.

    All you gotta do is pick your actions. Talk, chill, become friends with a girl you want and get to now her. Exchange numbers to hang out again if you make a good impression.

    But other girls aren't worth the trouble - they'll reject you or ignore you even after "Hi" and you'll feel the bad body language. F*ck em! There's no sense in wasting your time when a girl is NOT open to your gestures.

    • thats that's why they there is game, to catch them off guard. that's were disquailfiaction comes into play and clubs tend to be less like that

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  • This is typical. Pretty girls, in general, are lonely because guys are too afraid or predispostioned to approached them, thinking they have a boyfriend already or are too uptight in the ass to laugh at anything but money.

    • HAHAHA that's so true

  • hmmmm, I feel like the good guys don't socialize with girls at the bars. maybe because they think that you can't find a perfect girl at a bar or club which isn't true. but I dunno, sometimes ill go to the bar and people will stare but they won't come up to me, other nights there will be guys who actually come up and chat for a bit


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