Which look is more attractive?

OK, so I'm a pretty well built guy, I work out regularly and keep pretty fit. I dress in a lot of button down shirts and distressed jeans, dressy/ casual I guess you'd call it. I will sometimes dress it up with a thin black tie for dinner dates and what not. Anyhow, the other day it was a little warmer out side so I wore a polo with khakis and it kinda showed off my physique more then my other clothes. So I was wondering which style is more attractive.

I really like dressing in button downs and kinda keeping things dressed up a bit, but I got several compliments with the whole polo thing. ( ha ha especially on my arms ) So Ladies do you like...

A) A stylish, well dressed, neat guy that dresses in button down shirts and has a more high maintenance look. ( You can still tell that he is fit.)


B) A guy that dresses in a way that shows off his physique with short sleeved polos and tees in a sporty/preppy look.

Which do you think is more sexy ;)


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  • I say you can be both! Since the styles aren't too far from each other, you can definitely switch it up between them if you want :) I mean, you can't just swtich from goth to preppy every other day lol and expect people to not notice. But you can definitely go with the button down shirt look when you go out to class/on a day/out with friends and stuff. And when you're just hanging out during the day/going to class/running errands or whatever, sporty/preppy look goes over pretty well. Both looks have a lot of flexibility, and so I say go by your mood that day and choose what you like. Both are sexy ;) lol


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  • What kind of girl are you interested in/trying to attract?

    Different types of girls are going to have different preferences.


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