Why can't I get a man?

I'm 20 years old,full-time student,part-time security officer,& I don't believe in cheating.I don't wear fake hair,make-up.I have a very nice body,on top of that a great personality.I am caring,sweet,sensitive,thoughtful,patient,kind,and very down to earth.I get told by a lot of guys that I am a good person.The only negatives I can think of is I still live at home,don't have a car yet,and don't make much money.But I let them know up front that I am not looking for them to take care of me.I've been in 5 different relationships since I was 15.only one of them really counted,even though It was only 5months.I have so much love to give but no one to be the recipient.I've began to give up on love,and stick with my plan of marrying myself.


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  • As the saying goes, "you're going to have to kiss many frogs before you meet your prince." I know this may sound cliche and overused, but be patient. Overall, be PICKY! Don't compromise your morals just to "get a man."

    While you're still single, why don't you enjoy yourself? Go out with your friends. (Go to a movie! A concert! A comedy show! Even a play!) Meet new people. Find a hobby. (I don't know, try knitting? :P) Join a local organization or club at your school. You said you're Christian, are you part of a church group? Church groups and clubs are a great way to meet people and make friends that possibly have the same beliefs and caliber as you. You sound like a sweet person that I would like to be friends with, just that you need to open up and be a little more talkative at where you work/go to school/socialize. Plus, smile more often; you'll be more approachable that way. :)

    And don't marry yourself...heh. XD. "Take yourself on dates"; if you can't spend time going out with your friends, then take yourself out and go to places on your own. Go do something that you like, and don't worry about being single at 20. There are plenty of people who are in the same boat you are.

    I apologize that I was a bit lengthy, but good luck! :)


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  • be patient and you'll find the right guy, you sound like exactly the type of girl I would love to have! no offence though, the only thingy I can really think of, which shouldn't be a turn off for most guys, is if by security officer you mean the type of security that throws people out of bars or what not, some guys may feel intimidated by this? just a thought, I could have the complete wrong idea of what you mean by security officer though

    • I do security at events such as Miami Dolphins football,heat basketball games,and marlins baseball games.Also um football games,and concerts.I just sit in a chair and check credentials since I am a female,or I stand by certain areas to makes sure no one enters.

    • that shouldn't be a problem. Just be yourself. I agree with what you said in the comment below, I just want to find someone NOW who I can spend the rest of my life with, I don't want to go through lots of different relationships having sex with different people, I just want someone to love and to love me. I guess you have the same problem as me, the way I feel makes me come across as clingy and scares people off, you may have the same issue?

    • Thanks,I actually don't express myself.I rather let the guy tell me first because I don't want to seem like I'm doing too much.

  • "part-time security officer,& I don't believe in cheating" I highlighted some potential problems.

    • I'm not a rent a cop,I work at various professional events.I honestly don't believe in cheating.I am a christian,and very old fashioned.I always thought I would fall in love,get married and start a family.I never imagined I would have to meet so many different guys.

    • welcome to reality.

  • I ave no answer just to say I'm in a similar place right now and it is depressing, wish I had the answer cause maybe I could apply it to myself :/

  • Why did your previous relationships end?

    • 1st one(15) I didn't want to have sex,and distance.2nd(16) happened 3months after the first one,and he still wanted sex.3rd(19)he was 9years older then me,plus my parents found out and got real upset.4th(19)mentally &physically abusive,kept asking me for money,would't answer his phone for weeks at a time.5th(20)he cheated on me because I said something to him every time he did something wrong,so he went and started another relationship while we were still together ,I found out through Facebook.

    • What you mention in one of the comments, but somehow didn't mention in your question, is that you are christian and very old fashioned, which is obviously not the type most non-religious would like to date.

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