Guys, what do you look for in a girl?

Appearance, and personality?


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  • I can give you generic answers, but I can't really say anything in terms of specifics, as those change from girl to girl. A lot of it is how everything works together, rather than individual components.

    Aesthetically, the face and the hair are the two leading ones for me. A cute bum helps too, but the face is the make or break for me. I tend to go for girls with long hair and predominantly straight, but that's not to say that I don't like wavy hair.

    In terms of personality, she has to be somewhat versatile. I like a girl who is equally at home in a nice restaurant as she is in a crappy bar. I like to do some upscale things, but I also hang around people with names like "Panhead" and "Generator". She has to be okay with that. She also has to be okay with me riding (hence my having friends with weird names); this is a make or break for a lot of girls. I also like a girl with her own interests. I don't want a girl who just wants to do what I want to do; I want her to show me new things as well.

    Most importantly, I want a girl that I feel comfortable around. When I meet someone, I'm usually very reserved, but once in a while, a girl comes around who just walks right into my heart, right past my guards like they weren't even there. That's the biggest indicator; that's when I know I want to be with her.

  • 80% appearance,

    10% education and intelligence,

    10% personality and social abilities


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