Do you think the way someone dresses can enhance their appearance and make them look a certain age?

E.g. If a guy dresses a certain way do you think if he dresses a certain way it could make him more/less attractive? In the same way do you think if a guy dresses a certain way he could look older or younger than he actually is?


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  • YUS. Definitely.

    For example, yesterday I did a college tour, and this one guy in my group was well dressed as F***. And even though I was pretty sure he was gay and he wasn't really my type anyway (although he was pretty attractive), for that hour and a half I was super into him, hahaha. His clothes made him more attractive, and made him look way older (like, even though he was my age, mayyybe a year older, I thought he was a student there at first). But yeah, a lot of times a guy's style, if it doesn't make them more attractive in general (which it definitely can), it makes me notice them at first. Like, I'll always notice someone who's dressed differently than the people around them, even if it's not necessarily better.

    Or it works the other way around, if a guy is in their late 20s-30s and up, and they're wearing some high school-ish outfit (hoodie and jeans and generic sneakers, for example - not saying that's a bad outfit, it can be good) it might make me think they're younger. Which can be good (oldish person wanting to seem younger) or bad (youngish person wanting to seem their age, but seeming younger.)

    Anyway, at least for me personally, the way someone dresses can enhance their overall appeal, but their overall appeal isn't totally based on it. I have a friend - a guy - who totally limits his, like, dating circle, based on the way girls dress. He won't even be attracted to them if they dress badly, haha. Which is a bit more extreme.

    So I mean. Dress the way you want to be perceived. That doesn't even apply to just the dating world or whatever, but in life.


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  • I think every girl has a preference for what clothing they find most attractive on guys. For me, it's blue jeans, sneakers, and a plain white or graphic t-shirts.

    As for age, I don't think clothing can make you look much older or younger than you are. I've been trying to find ways to make myself look older through clothing (I'm usually mistaken as 6 years younger than I really am), but to no avail.

  • Definetely. If you dress like a bum, girls won't be into that. But you don't have to wear a specific "look". Just wear clothes that make YOU look good. As to the age thing, how you dress usually reflects your age, so if you want to look oldre, dress like the guys in that age group. Also, if a guy dresses preppy/clean cut it makes him look older and more mature that the typical guy in jeans and a T shirt

  • of course. what you wear matters and can change your over all appearance


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