Do you ever feel bad for ugly girls?

I am grateful and thankful that I am not considered ugly. Ugly girls have to work for everything they want, relationships, career, guys or girls, while us attractive girls can get whatever we want whenever we want. Ugly girls have to try 10 times harder on their appearance and have to bother with having a good personality haha, while we don't. I'm happy that I can easily get married or get a job and not have to worry about spending life alone because I'm unattractive.I also feel bad when I see ugly girls talking bad about us attractive girls, its funny because no amount of intelligence or good personality will make up for the fact that they are ugly. Pretty girls, ever feel bad for ugly girls?


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  • good luck finding a husband that will put up with you. your a giant bitch with a terrible personality. any guy you get won't last long if he's looking for a serious relationship. for lack of your good personality your gonna have to try 10 times harder on everything.

    as far as feeling bad for ugly girls, no I dont. most seem to find somebody.

    • i think you just about summed it up there partner.

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    • sure you can get a guy. but one that will stay with you for long periods of time? I doubt it. one that will marry you and live with you forever? I doubt it even more.

    • yeah same here I doubt you can get a guy that would put up with you for long periods of time... they probably just use you for your so-called attractiveness.

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  • I do and but I don't look down on them like you seem to. And just because your attractive doesn't mean your going get married easily. Most attractive couples end up divorcing then not so attractive or average and they tend to be happier so it kinda balances out

  • i think the only we should be feeling bad for here is you...

  • I think this girl is being honest. it is an ugly truth, but don't shoot the messanger. "I am grateful and thankful that I am not considered ugly". How many on here would rather choose to be ugly than hot?

    • i do feel bad for ugly girls.

    • Seems like you're just a women hating guy, typical. Boohoo, girls aren't as shallow as guys,cry me a river

    • Problem is that beautiful girls DO have to have a good personality, or they'll never get to be with hot nice guys.

  • That's why then invented make-up. Beauty is subjective, what one person might find attractive another may not.

  • Can somebody please tell me how somebody rated this ? higher than the minimal of one-star?

    Gotta love these troll ?'s.

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  • I'd rather work for everything in life, rather than get it all handed to me because I'm considered "pretty". If we all were to live like that there would be no effort, no failures, no success, no pain, no insight, no intelligence. What kind of life is that?

    Maybe you better reevaluate yourself... There's more to life than being pretty.

  • The attitude of the pretty girl matters a lot. E.g.: if you go to a job interview and just sit there being pretty while acting like an arrogant bitch or acting like a shy girl that's scared to talk, looks don't matter, they won't hire you if you don't have the right attitude for the business.

    Just a simple example, but it's true.

    So believe me when I say there is a thing like inner beauty.

  • i really hope tihs is a joke. if it's not, you seem to be seriosuly insecure, and the only way you can make yourself feel better is by trashing other people.


    i'm a professional model, and I don't find myself attractive. actually, most models don't even though 'the industry'/'society' thinks we are. the fact that you can consider yourself so attractive that you literally 'feel bad' for people makes me ask.



    where is your photo?

  • Your personality is just great.

    It truly is a good thing for you that guys do not care about personality and only care about looks...(if you're as attractive as you claim).

    You're lacking in one area...

    • i finally agree with you on with most things, except guys don't just go for looks, and saying that implies that men alwasy go for looks and women are so much better and dont. finding somebody attractive is important for both sexes so don't make men out to seem like were the only ones that care about looks. its not true.

    • Looks attract initially, but for guys it doesn't go much farther than caring about looks, that's all I'm saying. I'm sorry you got offended but that isn't my problem and if you have a problem with everything I say then perhaps you should stop commenting on my answers.

    • @evangelina, you're wrong. girls are just as shallow (for girls might not be looks the way you objectify men, but you have your equivalent). I thought girls were smart, but they are not any better than we men. actually, in modern days girls are probably worse. "but for guys it doesn't go much farther than caring about looks". It does, no one sticks around a hot girls who's a bitch, surely majority of men will probably f*** her (one or two nights at most), but that's another point

  • I think that's very stereotypical. Nobody's ugly, every girl is beautiful in their own way, people are portrayed as "ugly" because they're not what media and the society calls beautiful. Even if you think somebody is "ugly", there's going to be at least one guy/girl who loves them for who they are

    • that's idealistic, and the fact that there are exception doesn't make any difference. in term of big numbers ugly is ugly

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