Do guys like a girl who is pretty without makeup but hot with it on?

when I'm going to class or work or running around town, I either don't wear any makeup or I wear just blush and mascara. when I do this, guys normally tell me I'm pretty, cute, or beautiful.

i do wear makeup when I go out with my friends and to parties and stuff. I wear dark eye makeup and some lip gloss. that's when guys start calling me hot or sexy.

and I know it's the makeup, not anything else. once I was wearing jeans and a nice blouse out all day and got called pretty, then I went home and threw on some eye makeup and went to dinner in the same outfit and got called hot.

so is this good? bad? what?


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  • Well,I'm going to tell you exactly what this is.It's all about respect.As I said before in another post,most guys do not care to give girls respect who does not want it.If you wear make up,guys

    may think you just want attention,and you don't consider yourself to be beautiful or great as in character,thus guys may consider you as a slut.They will call you names,such as sexy,without having any consideration to respect you,because your not asking for respect.

    By nature guys are attractive to females,you don't have to overdo it.


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  • perhaps the feedback is relavant to the social situation. Like someone's more likely to call you hot ot sexy at a party than out on the street.

    And don't sweat the mke up, a lot of us like girls better natural.

  • I think it's good, and I've told girls they look hot with & without. Not all guys are like that. I DO think there's something about makeup that brings out a girl's inner beauty & makes her even prettier, but I'd never tell a girl she was less hot just for not wearing it. I don't think it was meant this way, but that's kind of mean, & if the makeup does make a girl look prettier I just have that much more admiration & respect for her going to all that trouble because she cared about her appearance...

  • why would it be bad?


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  • I think you know the answer to this, you simply want validation.

    No one wants pretty with makeup on then the makeup comes off and it's ugly

    • That I how I feel. My best guy friend said I was pretty with out but look better with make up. Then told another girl after me should looked pretty with and without. That made me feel like sh*t. If a guy is going to give a compliment like that don't because he just pretty much said she looked better than me.

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