Why do I keep having these reoccuring nightmares of being chased, scared and hiding?

i keep having this reoccuring nightmare where I'm in like a grocery store and I find three chips (not food) or cards. and I pick it up not knowing what it is and stick it in my pocket cause I thought it looked cool. so next thing I know I'm in a different store kind of like a clothing section and these HUGE evil looking italian mob like men wearing Navy blue 3 button suits and dark sunglasses are chasing me throughout the store and very FAST so I'm running jumping over and through clothes racks and I finally run to the ladies dressing room ,knowing they're men and I'm hiding,scared for my life and nervous but then a cute black boy dressed in the hat & sagging clothes,silver chain w| a + cross + on it looks under the exact dressing room door that I'm in and yells "she's over here!" then I'm attempting to give the card/chip back. then my nightmare's over. I also woke up confused and with a MAJOR headache what does that dream mean?


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  • Aliens are trying to kill you in hyperdimensions.

  • Been shoplifting lately ?


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