How do I make my hair healthy after bleaching it for two year?

I used to have super healthy strong hair now my hair is @#$# up ...Brittle , weak , and dry . Can I regain my healthy natural hair again?


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  • I've had my hair professionally dyed, box-dyed it myself, had it bleached for color, bleached it myself for color and my hair has stayed pretty healthy.

    Drink lots of water, use a heat protectant (CHI 44 Iron Guard or Redken AntiSnap serum) if you're going to use a flatiron or curling iron or blowdryer. And use hydrating shampoos and conditioners (Pantene and Herbal Essences are affordable and good quality). Also, use a deep-conditioning mask 1-2x a week, Ulta sells some good ones- link Make sure you get regular trims too so your dead/fried tips are gone and healthy hair can grow. Also, avoid using headbands and hairties with the metal clasps.


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  • 1. stop bleaching it

    2. get regular trims

    3. start using a leave in conditioner and repair serum. You can't repair hair damage but you can prevent it.

    4. if you can let it air dry, do so

    5. if you must blow dry or straighten your hair, use a protecting serum or spray.

  • Condition,condition,CONDITION!:)

  • there is no way to repair your hair but maybe some products will give your hair a healthy look

    i have heard that kerastase is good for weak and dry hair link

    you could give it a try but it is not very cheap


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