Bmx riders, were they flirting or just showing off?

My friend and I went to a skatepark the other day, and we saw these two guys. They were on bikes, and they were really cute. They noticed us watching, so they started riding in front of us and doing really cool tricks. One kid could even do a backflip! One guy would look at us and pull on his helmet every time he rode past us, and the other guy would pull on his ear. They kept looking at us and smiling too.. so what I'm asking is, what's their deal?


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  • Hard to say... they could just be excited to have the chance of showing off to young girls like that, it's sort of a boy fantasy methinks.

    Although I don't think they'd smile if they didn't find you and your friend at least cute.

    Crap, this is too little info to be sure of what it could mean...

    • Okay, thanks. I figured they were just being guys and showing off..

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