High maintenence or ruggedly handsome?

So that's pretty much it. Do you ladies prefer a more rugged scruffy guy as opposed to a guy that keeps himself maintained and well groomed. I'm not talking groomed to the point of looking girly, just neat and well groomed with attention to detail. And with the rugged look not excessively hairy or nasty but kinda more facial hair, not really a lot of effort into hair styling etc.

So any how what you think? And one more thing; If you favor one look over the other how much so? Would you still find someone with the opposite look attractive?

I'm going to include a poll, but if you could leave some details in the comments I'd really appreciate that too.


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  • I have two preferences

    1... IN BED: a guy who is clean shaven (so when our cheeks brush I feel skin not hair, though I don't mind a beard from time to time, reminds me I'm with a man). And the rest of him trimmed, even armpits. No back/scrotum hair, and the rest I don't care. Some girls like no arm/leg hair but most guys can't stand the idea of shaving off those parts and I'm okay with it. (lol, I'm not sure if I want to see a guy shaving his legs anyway)

    2... OUTDOORS: I like a guy with 3/4 days unshaven. Makes him look like a cowboy, ready for a rugged trail hike.

  • i want someone in the middle

    i want someone who takes care of his appearance, but that shouldn't be his priority


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