Does hair really matter?

so I'm 16 and have had guys interested in has told me I'm very attractive so I'm hoping hair doesn't matter because I'm very insecure about it. I never wear it completely down because it gets to wispy or flat. I hate it. its my worst feature. I have a nice body and face but my hair just sucks. its always either half up or in a ponytail. I was thinking of getting a one piece volume extension or is that not a good idea?i wish I could just have normal hair that I could just let down and free ha ha but mine always gets messed up and looks bad. =PPP ordered a thickening spray maybe it will be a miracle but I doubt I've tried everything. I'm just kinda embarressed because my friends sometimes ask why don't you ever where it down and I just hate my hair!=[[[


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  • For most men, first glances mean the most. We won't come up to you and talk to you unless you fit the criteria a certain guy is looking for. for example say there was a girl who looked gorgeous to me, I would go up to her and talk to her but if she had a terrible personality, I wouldn't talk to her again. But if a girl who wasn't as "Good looking" came up to me and started talking to me, and she had an awesome personality that fit my criteria I would probably want to get to know her better. This is the truth.


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  • get a haircut?

    • its to my shoulders don't want it shorter then that ha ha thanks though=]

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    • maybe ill go blonde...its normal for blondes to have fine hair ha ha k

    • <3 blondes

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  • Don't worry, I'm sure your hair looks fine, but there's a ton of things you could try if you're not happy with it :). You could get extensions like you said which are pretty good (even though I haven't tried them) but some of the good ones are quite expensive and need changing every month :/. Also, if your hair is flat you could look up how to add volume to it which wouldn't make it flat :) If you put hairspray or mousse in your hair it prevents it from getting messed up! Why don't you try going to a good hair dressers and asking them how to do your hair in a way that makes it looker thicker, less wispy etc, they're usually quite good at that sort of thing. Hope I helped :D


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