Women what do you do with long hair?

This is sort of a two part question.

1) I literally have 3 feet of blond hair and no idea what kind of styling stuff to do with it. I would appreciate suggestions.

2) What length of hair is actually long? I've encountered several women who tell me how much they love having long hair but it barely reaches past their shoulders.


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  • Usually long hair is anything past your shoulders, but if you've never had anything but really short hair, I guess anything past your jaw would feel long.

    As far as styles, really long hair is semi-limited depending on your hair type. If it's straight and fine, then you can usually only wear it long & straight, or with long curls. I think this is the big style right now. Use a large barrel curling iron. I use cat walk to set the curls & they last all day & night. Ponytails are in if they are high. There is a great web site that you can put your own face into different styles & colors to see how you look. Even famous people's styles. I think you go to mylifetime.com to find it. You can get some good ideas there.

    I hope it helps.

  • i have a pony tail. keep hair out of my face


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