Some guys luck out in the looks department?

so how can my friends improve on dating the "perfect ten" and not worried about the more desirable Competition .

I know this may come of a little shallow but I've notice that today's young women care about looks too.
Question AskerA minute agoI'm saying about my friend this time really. I already have a good looking girl which I'm chating with online .


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  • Looks are not as important for girls as they are for guys when evaluating a mate. Yes, you need to be attracted to someone on a certain level, but more important are things like your confidence, sense of humor, life goals and overall success.


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  • You just have to make the best of what you have. Improve any other areas that are lacking, eg, grooming, dress sense, have a good sense of humour, be generous and caring, cheeky, etc, be a guy who is fun to be with, and that will make you memorable to girls.

    • myself looking a little like braidd pit ,fready price jr and Johnny Depp give me someway of promoting dating profile lol

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  • Just be themselves and confident


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