Would you completely judge someone based on what (s)he's wearing?

I like to dress up. And I have a red lipstick and heels fetish. So even when I'm only going to Uni or to the store to get some bread, I tend to really get into it.

Does that look like I'm some chick that thinks she has nothing else to offer (someone told me that the other day)? I think it's really rude to judge me based on the fact that I enjoy fashion and that yes, even if I'm going to the store, I'll be wearing a dress (nothing skimpy ofc), heels and lipstick. It doesn't mean I never wear jeans or Converse, I do, but I have days where I feel like one thing and so I wear exactly that.

I don't date around, I get high scores and have a very busy social life. So I clearly have a life. I don't see how dressing up/apparently sometimes overdressing would make others think I'm someone needy and lonely who is desperate for attention.
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Thank you for taking the time, guys! I was really worried about this :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, of course you're going to be judged. And approached by a lot of guys wholl think you're looking for attention. Since you obviously don't mind that, they must be right to some extent.

    And of course there'll be those who tik you're looking for more than attention, right?

    • who says I don't mind that? clearly I do. it pisses me off. I want people to see me normally and not think I'm asking for it because I enjoy dressing up and I don't intend to change myself.

    • If it really made you mad you'd change your style!

    • why would I change myself for anyone or anything? that's just weak

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What Guys Said 7

  • You aren't needy, or one dimensional, you just like looking good.

    Fine provdided you don't dismiss anyone more concerned about their own content than their packaging.

  • That would make me even MORE impressed by you! It just says you care about your appearance & dressing up makes you feel good. Whoever had a problem with it & told you that needs a life and a brain...

  • In my opinion I feel like people who judge people plainly on how they dress is wrong. If you like to dress like this go for it. Don't let others get you down :)

    As a side note, I prefer girls like yourself ;)

    • Status Update: There's no need to worry about how you go about things. Be yourself and people will like that about you :)

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    • It's a known fact. You're quite welcome. Good! I'm glad you'll try to keep it up. (y)?

      I only wish I could see you dressed up :(

    • (y) = a thumbs up

      thanks :D if I ever hang around Ohio, I shall let you know ;)

  • No, that's stupid as hell. It might might play a part in me thinking she might be a certain type of person, but judging someone based on looks is an assumption and we all know what making an assumption makes you. The only thing "looks" wise I really might judge on is her eyes and her mannerisms. Basically how positive she comes off. If she comes off as depressed or angry or "meh" then I'm not likely to bother much. If she comes off as positive and sweet and whatnot I'll be more interested. Even then, I might at least still talk to them and see what they like regardless. But fashion? F***that.

  • you would catch my attention in a heartbeat! keep it up!

  • ahh I don't know about all that but I guess it would just make you intimidating

  • No but I would enjoy the look, as I have lipstick and heel fetish :)


What Girls Said 2

  • It's not only what you wear but also how you wear it that's makes the difference between fashionable or slutty. Wearing a dress and heels doesn't automatically make you slutty (maybe slightly over dressed but not slutty).

    But I chose no, because you can never really know what people are like by the way they dress because they will dress in the way that want others to perceive them (not nessarily how they are).

  • Everyone judges by appearance, but if I saw a girl who was dressed up I wouldn't judge her negatively. If I saw someone with red lipstick and heels I'd think she was feminine and probably classy.

    Usually people who have negative things to say about someone who has a nice polished appearance are just JEALOUS! You look better than them and that's why they're mad. They want to make you feel bad about looking nice so you'll stop dressing up and looking better than them.

    • haha thank you :D

      I doubt I'd look better but yeah, I didn't understand what their problem was either. But I certainly don't want to come off as shallow so I was worried for a second here :S

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