I have a lunch date on Monday...should I wear heels when we are similar height?

I'm not really into this guy because his lifestyle seems the opposite of mine, but I want to give him a chance and get to know him when he's not under the influence of a little alcohol (met him at my friend's birthday party). What should I wear based on all this? He's Russian by the way, not that it matters lol


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  • Well I don't know what you should wear to the lunch date but I think you should wear the heels only if you're comfortable with the height thing. Are you similar height when you're wearing heels or not wearing heels?

    • well if your secure enough with yourself or feel comfortable with being taller than your date when you're on heels then wear them. if it bothers you then think about whether this guy is worth not wearing heels for. I don't know lol.

    • lol thanks

  • i say "yes"...if it goes anywhere, you'll be wearing heels again...it will be good to see up front if he has an issue with you being taller than him...


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