What hairstyle should I do?

Okay, so I have a sweet sixteen to go to and I don't know how to do my hair. and I have really long brown hair at least mid upper back. I just don't want my hair to be boring. And I don't want my hair to stand out more than my friend ( person who is having sweet.) My dress is a dark green and it has sparkles on it and its kind of lacy.


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  • Lol well since I have a hair question right above u...answering this one seems like fun.

    Im assuming that your profile pic is a pic of you and I gotta say that with a Sparkling green dress... Straightened hair would be my oppinion. I don't know but for some reason when I think brunette and green dress I think straight hair would be the best... I don't know just a thought. Chew on it and tell me what you think. Best of luck deciding and have fun at the sweet 16 btw

    • The thing is straightening my hair doesn't sick. It like starts to wave. Then gets knots in it. And like it hurts to brush it then. ): plus I straighten my hair once in a while and it just ruins my hair.

    • hmmm... is your hair naturally wavey? or is it curled and that's why it goes wavey when you straighten it

    • Its Naturally wavy...

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  • I think curls would look cute :) You could try a half-up-do and curl the hair that you are keeping down. Or you could french braid your bangs (the Lauren Conrad look) and curl the rest of your hair.


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