Is it even worth looking for a girlfriend at my age? (20)

A lot of the girls I see my age flirt with other guys all the time. Some have been willing to cheat on them- I don't know maybe they got bored or something?

What's the point? Is it better to just forget about it for now and wait until I'm older?


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  • Oh honey, that is what sucks with people our age. Well, I will be turning 18 and the end of this month, but I can already see how everyone just wants to hook up. Me? I rather have a decent relationship. But I still keep looking because there is always that one person.

    I say you don't give up. If you want a girlfriend, keep looking for one because you will find one. You just have to look before you find that perfect person.


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  • dont forget about it, just don't look. it always comes when you least expect it.

    you seeing that some are willing to cheat on there lover, just shows you... you have to keeep it spontanious and fun so she doesn't get bored. you benfit from encountering scandolous whores in the end(:

    • yeah but it shouldn't have to be that way. That's pretty much saying "if you're not spontaneous and fun she'll get bored= she has a right to cheat on you"

  • Sounds like you just haven't found the right one. Good girls are out there just like good guys. They are just overlooked. Maybe you put all of them in the friend-zone.

  • f*** love! its gona end up in heartbreak anyways so night as well wait. ( I'm turning 20 and I just got out of a 3 year relationship because the ahole cheated on me).


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