What signs would I look for to see if he likes me?

There's a guy in my bus that I've known for almost two years now, and he'll always sit next to me and we'll listen to music together. I know a couple of his friends and I'm close to them too, but we never hang outside of school.

Today, on Facebook, the status I put up was about this marathon I'm doing (that he is too) and I tagged 3 of my friends, but not him. He commented saying "im not there :O" but I didn't comment back. 5 minutes later, I see he's deleted it. Is this a sign?


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  • You could just be a bus-buddy. Grab the bull by the balls and make the first move if you're at all interested. Some guys will often wait for the girl to come to them/make the first move to avoid looking like an idiot.

  • A lot of guys are shy. Lots of guys will make the first move, but there are also a lot of us that are not always very secure about themselves.

    It will never do harm to just talk to a guy more frequently ask him for his number, call him or message him. I know its 'supposed' to be the guys asking the girls number but what harm does it do if you ask for his number?

    And about the facebook status upload thing; I think it means he's kinda shy, but he does want to have contact with you. But than he becomes insecure again and removes his comment.

    Hope this will help you :)


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