Is it normal for a man in a relationship to look at another woman if she's appealing?

because me and my boyfriend was talking one day and he asked me tht same question and I said yes, men will always look. not in your face but definetely when the women they are with are not looking. and he said tht he won't do that, he finds that disrespectful, but I don't believe him one bit. I have evidence. so one day we were sitting down in an auditorium and me and my frien was talking, and I noticed my boyfriend was looking somewhere else. ilooked where he was looking and I saw a girl with a big ass. so I tapped my friend and she saw so I know I was not the only one that saw. 10 minutes later I asked him, so you was looking at a girls ass rite? I saw you. he said he never did, he was just observing his surroundings lol. so I was just wondering if its just a normal thing, but they wouldn't want you to know that they are actually staring at the lady or their body parts


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