Do you have anyone to look up to?

My mom asked me this a few minutes ago and I had nothing to say lol. My mom got mad when I said I couldn't remember and she's making me right a paper >> I have people that I admire, but there's no one I would consider my hero.

So who do you look up to, if there's anyone?


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  • hmm depends, I have different people to look up to based on the day

    somedays my pastor, some days my best friend, sometimes somebody else lol people say I'm an eclectic person its too true I can fit into any group and no group because I have such a wide variety of likes but very few dislikes


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  • no. I don't look up to anyone in my family because they are all deeply flawed individuals. I do, however, look up to literary characters, e.g. Edmond Dantes, The Count of Monte Cristo.


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