Economics project topic idea?

hey all

im really stuck in finding a topic for my microeconomic project. I have no idea about it because I'm majoring in chemical engineering, so I'm looking for some easy topics. he said we can do it in any economics related topics, no matter what!

do you have any idea or useful link I can use?!


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  • Most of the topics that came to my head were more macroeconomics however I think if you could do a microeconomics project linked to the subprime crisis and the GFC that would be a good project. Other options could be to look at the future economic opportunities for the region that you live- what linkages occur and what may change in the future. Good luck.

  • So... I'm an economics major and could give you all sorts of ideas, but most of them you probably would not find interesting.

    The great thing about economics, though, is that it can be related to almost anything. Find a topic you are interested in, then find how economics relates to it. Seriously, you'll find that econ can be applied almost anywhere. Just be sure you stick to smaller scale stuff since it's micro rather than macro.


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