Is it me or is he being weird looking at so many photos of other girls?

why do I feel bad every time my boyfriend looks at a really really really gorgeous girls photos on his fb? Or someone he has hooked up with before we met... especially when they are ALL super hot and have so many photos of themselves half naked! And he only has 2 photos of me (because I have brought it up before and basicly forced him to put up at least 1 photo of us together) and they are old from when we met 5 years ago and I look nothing like that now. I used to be really pretty too but now I hate myself like you wouldn't believe, its been years since he said I look pretty and I can actually remember the exact last time. how pathetic is that! I know its not his fault and I don't blame him for looking at pretty girls when I am disgusting but does he really have to look at ALL of their photos? I'm talking like 30 40 photos ATLEAST


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  • Put a photo up on your profile!

    Im guessing your a chook. just kept around for sex or company because he is obviously looking.


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  • he should not be doing this he has no respect for you or your feeling. Of course that will make you feel like that. And yer that would hurt. Would feel like he's comparing you and he thinks your horible so he needs to look at photos of other girls. He's treating you like a doormat and has taken you for graunteed stick up for yourself if he still don't stop doing it . Leave him he ain't worth it


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