To wax or not to wax excess body hair?

As it is I am an excess hairy guy...i ave dark coarse long hairs almost everywhere...i sometimes feel I should buy an epilator...and use it all over my body excluding forearms...So would it be a good idea to use epilator and would it give ingrowns esp. in torso area and thighs?

Would girls prefer it this way?


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  • That would be an extremely uncomfortable, time consuming process. Why not try getting your torso waxed and see what whether you like it or not. If you like the results, then maybe investing in an epilator would be wise. I know waxing is painful too, but a one-off session would be cheaper than buying an epilator.

    Just some bro to bro input lol.

    • i tried waxing/plucking myself but the torso hair removal is waaay too painful...i think a girl can never understand this , since they never have to do such things to their torso...the skin there is very sensitive I fell ...and oh the ingrowns and itchy feeling is just horrible.

      All natural is best...?What would you suggest bro?

    • I've tried an epilator and it hurts like a mofo, so you should probably test it out before you buy one - it's much more painful than waxing IMO. I'm not too hairy on chest, but I do get my back and shoulders waxed by a pro about once a month. They do it quickly and they do try their best to minimise the pain.

      You could try one of those hair removal creams (Nair?). I have heard that some people have skin reactions so you would need to test it on a small spot of skin first. Good luck with it man!

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  • it hurts if you have coarse hair! like a lot! worse than waxing but it is easier than waxing and gets more hair.


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