What do guys generally expect from the girl in a relationship?

i've recently began a new relationship and I feel like my guy is doing eveything for me but I don't quite know what to "give back" and he doesn't tell me either, he doesn't accept much offerings either.so do I just "sit back and look pretty" or what?


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  • I completely expect interesting conversations from the girl! Every girl wants that from her man so it is reasonable for me to want that from my girl. Every girl would like her man to make her laugh as often as possible; I expect my girl to make me laugh too! I expect her to smile a lot, but of course that almost totally depends on the guy, and it's almost the guy's responsibility to make his girl smile.

    I expect her to be thoughtful when appropriate, and I am not talking about buying girfts for birthdays and Christmas. Here is an example: it's raining outside and the guy and girl need to walk to the car. Of course the guy will unlock the girl's door first so she doesn't stand in the rain for those extra seconds. But after the girl steps in the car she should reach over and unlock the guy's door for him so he doesn't have to take the time to put his key in and unlock his door himslef. She should be thoughtful in recognizing those few extra seconds for which he would have to stand in the rain. Their are infinitely many little moments where it pays to be thoughtful and considerate (for the girl and the guy).

    It is the non-material things that a girl can give that are always the best!

    • You reminded me of a movie I watched. This guys test to see if a girl is a keeper or not was that she should lean over and unlock the car door for him. If she didn't pass the car test then she was not that special girl for him.

    • I agree with my friend over here. Yesterday, a girl(potential girlfriend) came to my house after she partied with her friends. I did not go because of studying for a class. Well she came over and brought me some food from whataburger. Just be affectionate and caring, the right guy will realize that is not clingueness! I run an actual "car door unlock test" on potential girls to date to see if they are selfish or not! ;)

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  • give him head.

    i know this just sounds like a typical guy response but that's what your Boyfriend is. a guy.

    • If you're wanting a relationship to last, then that is a horrible response. Relationships can't just be about the physical aspect. If there is no emotional aspect in the relationship it will fail, because once the physical need slows down, if you don't have a strong emotional tie to the person then you have nothing to fall back on.

    • Well I'm not saying she needs to turn into his toy or slave or anything... I'm just saying that, that is an amazing perk that never gets old. so if that's what she thinks will work, she should try. like I said. he's a guy, and so am i. I'm pretty sure I know that hell enjoy that "gift" if you are willingto give it. but don't do it unless you want to

  • ok if you really are pretty sit back and do it

    if ur ugly betta start thinking rather than posting online

  • go to a lingerie shop and buy the skimpiest dress and be his sex slave for a day, make sure you catch every load of what's coming out of him inside your mouth, then he will ask for nothing more and be completely satisfied. Trust me, it works 99.99% of time, the .01% that didn't work, the guys found out they were gay.


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