What's a good way to show a man that you appreciate him for the everyday little things he does?

I met a really great man, that's really sweet and thoughtful. He doesn't do anything spectacular but everyday he does something that surprises me and it seems effortless and normal for him. I have not met anyone like him and believe it or not I find myself saying the same thing over and over "awwww, that's so sweet." lol. I'm not sure what else men like to hear or things I can do to show my appreciation that men would like. Its sad that I am not used to a man like this. Any ideas?


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  • If you say you've met a "great man" I still cannot classify the man into any class, so I cannot guess what his desires would be.

    I cannot give an answer with that information.

    In general I'd say: Don't go doing things especially for him or so the whole time, that's not what we'd want, we'd even like it the opposite way, men with style that is, but just express fully that you like to be with him!

    Don't be shy, if you sit next to him, set very very near next to him, get close to him just be in touch constantly, you can touch him wherever you like, (except for sexual areas if its so soon and you have style lol)

    Do whatever, play fight with him if you like, just show him your bond with him is tough and that you can do anything together, that will create a very good atmosphere.

    And have fun with friends!

    You should never forget that.

    You can have fun with and keep contact with your friends, just bring him with you let him meet your friends do things, or get the two clubs together even, the world is free and you can all have a lot of fun, the world is just so simple minded and short visioned sometimes though.

    And... don't be afraid to do things wrong, there's nothing you can do wrong in the eyes of your man trust me.


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  • Yeah, there are some guys like that out there, it just takes a special women to appreciate us.

    He's obviously paid attention to what would make you happy. What would make him happy? Do something along those lines. It's simple really. One time a girlfriend wrote 10 little notes with things like, "I love you and I think about you all the time when we're apart" on them. She hid them all over the place like with my razor and in the microwave. I ended up finding the last one a while after we broke up. That was kind of annoying... But you get my point.

    • lol at the last part lol. I get you though. That was a cute idea. Well, I know what would make him happy but we're not doing that yet lol. So I need a few ideas for the interim lol. Thanks

  • Go out and get a Brazilian wax.

    My girlfriend said she is the only person she has connected with. So she surprised me this way!


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  • guys appreciate blow jobs...

    • Point taken. Unfortunately we aren't there yet, so I need some before blow job ideas lol

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