What's a good website/store to shop for some stylish clothes?

I've been a "Jeans and T-Shirt guy" my whole life, and I think I want to change that. I'm not asking for anything drastic like hot topic, but something that can spruce up my image, make me more attractive I guess. Maybe something sporting like a nice jacket or something too.


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  • Personally, I would hate to see someone change who someone is...but if you are really wanting to, then okay.

    I would say depending on how much you are willing to spend on clothes. If you're "a jeans/t-shirt guy wanting to spruce up the image" as you said, I would think maybe JC Penny, Dillard's, or Burlington Coat Factory. They have nice clothing for both genders and they usually have good sales-at least in my area they do. Maybe American Eagle if you're willing to spend more if you're like cool, chilled out, or preppy.

    Exactly what is your persona--outgoing, quiet, brash, laid-back, etc? Any interests that you can go on that you can build upon to make who you are without trying to change you on the inside?

    • Well I only wanted to spruce up my image, not change my entire look. I guess I'd want to look cool, not preppy, jockish, or anything, but not boring and generic either. I like video games, but I don't really want to get video game apparel, I never really liked it so much.

    • Oh okay, then. I read into your wording too much; very sorry. Well, I think you also might find what you're looking for from Aeropostale. A laid back, cool kind of store (makes me think of surfers XD.) Oh! Marshalls is a good store, too! They have expensive stuff marked down because the products were overstocked or whatever. So, now there are 5 you can choose from.

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  • Hey urban outfitters is pretty cool,

    If you want just to get a bit more stlysh buy a green military jacket use it with cool shirt underneath

    Also a black cool jacket,



    Yeah t shirt and jeans are cool just add something to it, and you will look more interesting...

    Girls like fashion, just don't over do it...

  • express men would be good for you


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