How many times have you asked out a girl? (no commentary/opinions please)

Guys: In the last 12 months how many times have you asked out a girl? How many of those were successful? How many of those were you rejected?

Girls: In the last 12 months how many times have you been asked out? How many of those did you accept? How many of those did you reject?

I'm curious as to how this will play out. I'm not looking for opinions so please don't leave them.

From the answers at this moment, guys have a 52.94% success rate for getting a date...
As of this moment, guys have a 32.69% success rate (34 yes & 47 no) while girls have a 41.98% accept rate (17 accept & 35 decline)
Excuse me, I meant 42.17% succes rate for guys (35 yes & 48 no) and 32.69% acceptance rate for girls (17 accept & 35 decline). Sorry.


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  • In the last 12 months how many times have you asked out a girl? 0

    How many of those were successful? 0

    How many of those were you rejected? More than 100 (no joke)

    Commentary (May be more valuable to you)

    Look.. The truth is that I've spent a LOT of my life on being the "perfect guy" for a special woman.. And it didn't pay off. I ended up finding a lot of women who were high maintenance, a lot of women who had trust issues, a lot of women who wanted the world for free... It made me jaded and biased, a little frustrated, and a lot of "pissed off".

    So a while ago, I gave up trying to "find a woman".. And in turn have just been living my life, working, etc. A lot of the women who meet me either think I'm "a cool friend", "gay", or "married".. All because I'm not like other guys who compliment them or "drool" at their very feet..

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying ALL girls are like that.. I'm just saying that I'm not your typical guy, and that I've lived just fine without a relationship. Definitely lonely and wishing for some type of "Reward" for being the good guy I want to be - but I'm a lot more sane than when I was dating people.

    The reason for the commentary (take it with a grain of salt) is because, for a vast majority of the women I meet, a lot of those women don't get the concept that guys who make them feel all "cherry perfect" on the first couple dates (the guys who make you think they are "the one") are typically the worst ones for you. Why? Cause they are so good with women that they can treat you perfectly.. making you love them even more.. but then when you don't complete what they want (whatever THAT may be) - then they kick you to the curb and leave you as jaded and pissed off as I have been. Trust me, you don't wanna go that route.. But my hands are out of it if you decide to go against that advice.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • thanks. I appreciate your commentary as I'm sure many of the users on here will too. I think its when you're not looking that you find someone special. I'm 17 and already know that last paragraph of yours to be true (observation, not by own experience) This question wasn't meant to help with some future plan of action...just curiosity. Guys on this site act like they get rejected 90% of the time & I wanted to see how it really went down.

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    • Man do I agree on that one.. I'm kinda curious with you being 17.. Are you waiting for the "one and only" type of a relationship, or are you just too busy with school/etc? (What's your reason for "not" trying to date)

    • yeah, I'm pretty busy with school. and most single guys at my high school are either just looking for hookups, too immature to last a month, or not looking for a relationship at all. I'm just enjoying hanging out with my friends...of course I'm always crushing on a guy but I get to know them first before even thinking about getting in a relationship with them (they usually fall into one of those 3 categories) the few decent guys I've met just never liked me back. and I'm OK with that

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What Guys Said 65

  • I've only been single since november.

    Since then I've asked 2 girls out, and both said yes.

    My average may seem high, but it's just that I tend to not ask out girls who I think or sense, will say "no".

  • Well lets see, I asked out 4 that I can remember. 1 was pure rejection. 1 ended in a 1 night stand she moved to NY, and 2 still haven't given me a definitive answer (1 says I don't know and the other is pretty much a yes but not right now (For good reason pertaining to me))

  • I don't remember. I ask girls to dance on disco all the time being rejected 3 of 4 times. I don't usually ask them out. I think I asked two, more or less friendly, they basically said yes but we didn't. One of us is busy and it is not that important for us I guess. And it won't be a date.

  • Strange... now that I think about it, I've never asked even one girl out in my entire life. There have been several who've asked me out, and I've accepted all but maybe 2 of them.

    Damn, I've been expecting women to come to me all this time (it happens, but very rarely)... I really should start initiating...

    Thanks for opening my eyes

  • Asked four, they all accepted... I find it weird that I haven't been rejected, but I'm not going to question it. Honestly I keep put off asking them until I'm more or less certain.

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What Girls Said 30

  • In the last 12 months I think I've been asked out by 8 different guys. A couple of them asked me out more than once. I accepted 3 if you count my boyfriend during the time this 12 month span started even though he didn't technically ask me out during that time. We were already together. So maybe 2.

  • have been asked out 3 times in the past 12 months. The first guy I did go out with him for a while but things didn't go that well. The second guy I rejected him cause I was so nervous. that's one thing I regret . he was really nice and cute...but my shyness gggrh! ...the last guy was just looking for sex ...i first accepted him but after a few hours ..i changed my mind. so we broke up.

    • the fourth guy .i rejected because the sister is my good friend.

  • well I've been asked out 2 times and rejected them both, I hate a it when guys want to go out with you because you are attractive its degrading and revolting.

    • a guy should get to know you first and then decide if he like you. he should fall for personality not prettiness

    • So these guys asked you out without getting to know you? How'd it go down? I mean...did they just see you at the mall or something, walk up to you and be like "Hi! I'm ____. What's your phone number?"

    • these guys live in my neighbourhood and in my neighbourhood I'm know as the pretty spanish girl that is soft and quite. I don't really talk to my neighbours am not social butterfly. I keep to myself. 1st guy left since 5 years came back and after a week he asked for my #, the next guy just wanted to date me because of the job that I currently have(accountant) before that he never asked me out only after his mom asked my job the next day he asked me out.

  • I've been ask out I think about 5 times but by the same guy. When out with him once but I'm not interested in him. Guys don't ask me out. I haven't asked out any guys out in the past year.

  • Asked out twice, first one was just not to my taste so I declined, second had just gotten out of a relationship and I suspected I was rebound, so declined in both cases.

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