For the drinkers here?

I'm looking to get plastered tonight and am hoping to find a drink that goes down like your drinking juice...Can't really handle too many beers without getting upset stomach...So I'm hoping to get a bottle of something that has a smooth flavor and goes down like butter. I'm sure someone here can help out. Thanks in advance
So I ended up buying this stuff called 99 Bananas...Good stuff, but strong seeing it's 99 proof. Packs a punch. Going to try some of these suggestions next weekend for sure. Thanks everyone who gave me some ideas.


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  • try mixed drinks. Vodka 7, sidecar, ginatonic, colorado pit bulls... these drinks are all pretty manly drinks so you won't have to worry about ordering something like "sex on a beach" and feel like you're being judged. They won't come with an umbrella lol. A good bartender can make these and make them taste like juice.

    As for just good beer that tastes like butter.. well guinness on tap is always delicious, but I'm sure you already know that.

    Looking for wine? If you don't mind the sweetness, Porte is amazing. It's a mixture of wine and brandy. But as a warning, it's pretty sweet but at least its about 20% alcohol.

    • i forgot the mention... mixed drinks tend to give you hangovers. So when you do decide to get plastered, make sure you drink tons of water and possibly a glass of salt water cause then it'll force your body to retain water.

      I find it somewhat depressing, only by 21 that I happen to know a lot about drinks :/

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  • if you live down south like in louisanna you can try a hurricane its really easy to get down cause it taste like juice, you will get plastered very easly but it dose have a nasty hangover


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  • Well, I usually start off with girlie drinks like WKD and then move on to Whiskey or Bourbon. After you get merry on something that's effectively a soft drink, you don't taste how horrid stuff like that is. Otherwise, something like Frosty Jacks is a smooth cider and it doesn't taste too bad, you could even add a beer flavourer to it if you wanted, or if your into it, Buckfast. Tonic wine - to some peoples taste, makes me wretch but most people love it.

  • Take a medium sized cup.

    Get some Sky Vodka, 2 shots

    Non pulp orange juice 1/4 of glass

    Simply lemonaid 3/4 of glass

    Taste like a screw driver with a sweet side that's gets you f***ed up :)

  • Surely an all-grown up man in his 30s like you knows what drinks he likes?

    • Not really as I'm not a big drinker. I just know that beer upsets my stomach easily and I figured, go for the hard stuff lol

  • mix some aleze and 7up

  • Just mix a little vodka into your orange juice. After a few you'll be mixing stronger and stronger drinks without being able to taste the booze. If your stomach can't handle beer you'll probably get super trashed off anything easy to drink and puke later that night or the next morning though.


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