Was this woman implying that I'm ugly?

Yesterday me and my sister got on the train and there were 2 women sitting next to us and they started talking to us. During the conversation she asked if we were brother and sister and we said yes. Then one of the women said ''You don't look like brother and sister'' and then she said to me ''your sister is beautiful''. The she said something along the lines of ''she is much more beautiful than you'' or ''she is much better looking than you''.

Does this imply that I'm ugly?


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  • No, it implies that the woman is ugly.


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  • it implies that that woman is a flipping idiot. what an odd, nonsensical thing to say. I don't even know.

  • that doesn't mean you are ugly, do you think you are ugly? that's the important thing, I think the women is one rude well you know what


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