Girls.. Help.. I'm magnetically attracted to this girl.. it's her voice... I'm writing this letter..

Magnetic attraction.. How do I say to her that her voice makes me cry. The joy to have met her and love I feel about her, it's like she's my dream when she talks. I don't know how to say it. Magnetic attraction? Her voice and how "she expresses herself" it just makes me cry. It's instant and I have bad panic attacks. It's been six months since I've seen her in person. All I have to do is call and I cry. It's not love for sure but it is. I have so much opportunity to have such hot babes right in front of her. Even her so many friends are trying to be in love with me and have sex with me everyday. What going on I'm thinking.. Maybe they are trying to ruin what we have or are just horny. But I get looks all the time. She a ugly ducking but she's not. But when she talks her personality her voice the way she expresses herself, it's like I start crying and I don't stop.. Then I go through this awful depression. Of course they know I cry, but not in front of her or them.. I don't even know her . It's not sex it's the words and expressions it's who she is. We had this attraction. Then when she took off in anger. I went downtown and started crying I couldn't help myself. And this is what some homeless guy told me to write in a letter

I will stop you. Want me back forget what you remember to know I love you and that's OK. As I miss you and you don't I will miss you anyway. If you don't I will fight for you anyway. I will kill for you! I LOVE YOU!

To me I don't know if he knew what and I was trying to say, but

I do... It's not love it's her I'm so entranced by her voice. It feels like I met more then perfect girl, it's my wife. I said to my self I can't lose her help I love her I don't want to ever go away. I will die for her. It's like she's my soul mate AND SHE IS...

I think thoughts I thought I never would. At first I was just horny for her. I thought have sex then move on. Then she became so attracted to me she wouldn't want me to leave. I never would touch her or her friends since she had a boy friend. But then she changed. She fell in love. I still dumped her. One day she got so mad she tried to get me with all her heart she had a boyfriend I didn't tell her why, I couldn't so she left. Then months latter when I called she had that sound in her voice I cry it's my wife.. This one girl has been so supportive I had to call. It's Not like she has my dream body, but like it was so magnetic I'm mean she was the one. I said to my self what did I do to her to leave me, she's the one. I can't stop I love her I love... Now I wrote this letter I keep writing this letter over and over I don't know what to do...


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  • Tell her. I know it's not so simple and easier said than done.

    But, if you don't, you'll regret not having taken that chance.

    You don't have to say it right away. First, ask her if she wants to meet with you and just go from there.


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