When a guy a looks you up and down then likes you what do you think?

Downtown allot of hot chicks but I have to like her body first. It's impulsive. And if I like a body part then what? I always just look into their eyes and smile. But I just want to look at her hot body to and say O my F(&(*^n God!. What do I do?


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  • I either think 'That guy is looking at me, he must think I am fat and ugly' or I smile on the inside and feel awesome because a guy is checking me out. It really depends on the mood I am in and how I interpret the look.

    I never think anything bad about the guy (as long as he doesn't do something vulgar). Guys are supposed to like girl's bodies and want to look at them, just keep it in check and don't be a pig about it. I don't expect a guy to be interested in having a relationship with me if he doesn't like my body.

  • that he thinks I'm hot


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