Any girls on PlentyofFish? If so, why?

It would like think that women go on POF for the same reason men do. To find someone to date and get romantically involved. A few years ago online dating may have seemed creepy/loserish. It's changing a lot though. But I read a statistic that 20% of relationships start on online. Even an ex of mine viewed my profile. I got burned bad on that ordeal (diff story) but will admit she was smokin hot...and actually started a profile.

I'm a normal clean cut guy. Got a good job. No serious problems. When I was younger (I'm 29 now) I was told often I was very good looking. I'm still in really good shape.

I've gotten a few dates from POF in the last 2-3 years. I also dated a younger girl about 6 months ago that first contact me on POF. I then moved from Colorado to CA. I don't know anybody in the city I moved to so I thought POF would not be a bad idea.

Well ever since I moved my response rate to girls on POF has plummetted. I probably get one response out of every 10 emails. I don't have anything stupid on my profile (like me holding my shirt up in front of the mirror). I don't email girls with stupid pick up lines. I don't talk about least from the get go. But I get the feeling a lot of girls are on there to just attention with absolutely no intention to do anything else but to waste everybody's time which is completely retarded and frustrating. I know there are some morons on there that post stupid things...but I made it clear I'm not one of them.

So what is the deal with POF nowadays? Just a place for girls to laugh at guys profiles and messages? To find sugar daddies. To boost their egos by getting more emails?


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  • I'm on there to look for friends(some to chat) and maybe I might find a guy I like. I noticed that most of good looking guys are so stuck up on there. Most of the guys around my area are Marines. I'm scare of them.

    • well if you get an email from a guy you don't like, do you just ignore it? If the guy says stupid or sexual I can understand it. But what if he just says "hi there, hows it going?" and you just delete it? I always respond to every email I get with either a polite decline or excitement.

    • I tried my best to say Hi to all the emails but sometime I don't because I don't want to give hope. I have a lot of them badger me to talk to them.

    • can't you just say "hey I appreciate that you took the time to read my profile but I don't think we will be a good of luck". I find girls who ignore my message more insulting and then ones who blatantly turn me down.

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