How can I ask him out?

ive liked this guy for a while now, he's really good looking and really nice. this might sound vain but about 3 weeks ago, he was kind of giving me the hint that he liked me because he was talking to me more (weve never really spoken that much before) and asking to sit next to me a week later a girl in my year asked him out the went out for a week and then broke up. I really like him and I really want to be with him, but I can't ask him out because we don't talk that much. also I'm quite shy:S but I'm REALLY trying to be more confedent. I've been asked out 3 times in the last month by some quite good looking boys, but I turned them all down because there not the one that I want... PLEASE HELP ME . what should I do?


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  • Well try and talk to him more, you should hint at him that you are interested, try and hang out with him or his group more often. I guess once you's know each other a little better just ask him out, I know its hard to do, but in the end its what's gotta be done, and I think he might say yes, from what you've told me.

    Good luck :)

  • I say just ask. I'm pretty thick headed myself and it never hurts to just speak your mind. Its 2011 and if a woman can run for president , there's not much else you can't do. The "shy" thing is cute , and you won't know if you never try.


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