Do you think that by playing games, girls can save themselves from players? and hook a guy as well?

I personally don't see how that is true, I mean if that was true people wouldn't break up and the divorce rates wouldn't be 50%.

Plus the last time a girl tried to pull a game on me to get my attention, the only thing that caused me was getting further away from her and no I am not a player.

What do you think?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I've never heard of playing games working for someone trying to get married. Each sex plays a little with the other in the courting process. You both have to flirt a little and try to make yourself appealing for the other by showing your best self. To answer your question, girls can actually save themselves from players by being upfront about things. I read recently that "you can't con an honest person".

    • Well why do you get into a relationship in the first place? That is why I added marriages in the whole equation.

    • Sorry, but the vast majority of people play a little back and forth game before they start dating. They're probably not being their true selves and are projecting far more confidence than they can back up, but what is the alternative? You would have to put up with a lot of rejection if you put forth your true self in the dating scene. It is worth it if you're looking for a deep relationship, but certainly far from easy. I think it hurts more to get rejected for being yourself.

What Guys Said 1

  • Girls mind games used on players is like curing forest fires with food. There are no fires, but no forest as well. One worse than another.

    (Playing, mind games and such stuff are used when getting to know somebody ...
    It does not influence divorce rates I guess.)

    • Supposedly girls play games with guys so they can get a good man to marry them, that is why I included divorce rates as well.

    • They are wrong. Remember your experience? Good ones will leave. They will get desperate ones and/or better player

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