Do guys like a girl because of their looks or personality?

Their is this guy that liked my friend she is a real b**ch. She is a model, after a day of hanging out with her he realized that she was mean! So he ignored her,then he asked me out but compared to her I was not that pretty. So will our relationship last? And did he GAO out wither because of her looks?


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  • When it comes to dating physical attraction is just as important as emotional attraction. When I look at a girl the first thing I look for is a physical attraction because it is the easiest thing to discover. I can just look at someone and know if I am physically attracted to them or not. So at first I am more likely to go for a girl that is more Physically attractive. Physical attraction for myself however is different from most guys. What I look for is a pair of beautiful eyes (preferably blue) and smooth skin. Those are the two key factors that will rank a girl high on my list. From there I will ask girls out from most physically attractive down. That's when I start determining if I am emotionally attracted to them. I will continue down the list until I discover someone who has a prefect balance of both.

    Now this description is not all inclusive, and is not my Ideal way of explaining how I see it. It sounds a little more shallow than it truly is. But it is the easiest and shortest way for me to describe my method of choosing who I will date and ultimately who I will marry (if I'm ever ready again).

    As for how long your relationship lasts it all depends on how your emotional connection fits with what he is looking for.

    I hope this answers your question well and gives you a good Idea of how your, I guess boyfriend now (congrats), thinks.


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  • I would say mainly personality. I have liked girls who I first thought were kinda ugly, but her personality made me think differently.

  • Usually personality.


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