What are the different varieties of cross-dressing?

I am what you would call a "stealth" Crossdresser. By "stealth" I mean that while I wear women's clothing When in public at first glance it appears that I'm wearing men's clothes. But, if one looks closer it becomes more obvious that I'm actually wearing women's clothing. Such details like pants/shorts with no rear pockets, sometimes pockets smaller than usual for men's clothing, most of the time no belt loops but on the rare occasion when there are belt loops then using belts that are half as wide as men's otherwise elastic waistband or a drawstring at the waist, shirts that button right over left, vnecks where the v is a little lower than a mans, fabrics that are a more flowing than most men's clothes are made with.

So what does this stealth crossdressing acomplish? I do not wish to be or outwardly appear to be female but I still desire to wear womens clothing. It's complicated, I know.
A Stealthy Crossdresser
A Stealthy Crossdresser
So what variety of a crossdresser are you?
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What are the different varieties of cross-dressing?
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