How do you judge on a "How attractive are you", 1 - 10 scale?

For example, if your a Woman and you like Long Hair on a Man you would give him a +1

But the top 10 most important things you look for are what you give a +1.

Also, try to include your actual features.


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  • all physical features...(not in order)

    1. short hair

    2. nice body (big and proportionate, not really muscular)

    3. brown hair

    4. neutral color clothing (exception- red)

    5. masculine & tough, dirty (in a good way lmao)

    cant be:

    1. feminine, metrosexual or w/e

    2. macho

    3. care about his appearance

    things what most girls put down like "nice small" "nice eyes" etc etc I don't care about but he has to have a nice face, . I'm very picky despite my short list lol. ben affleck is 10 for me.


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  • The first two are wicked silly, but I always give points to any guy that has any of those:


    2. Drives a Truck


    3. Funny

    4. Educated

    5. Good Morals

    6. Supportive/Dependable

    7. Employed

    8. Nice Eyes

    9. Nice Smile

    10. Good Arms

  • 1. Neatness (Not a dirty person)

    2.Great Smile (Turn off when a guys teeth are Fu*ked up.)

    3.Funnyness(I like a funny person who can make me laugh)

    4.Confidence(He can't be a downer...or self depressed loner...)

    5.Manliness (at least 2 inches taller than me and stronger with some muscles)

    6.Sweetness(He has to be a nice person...not evil or rude like a d*ck to everyone)

    7.Cuteness (I love good looking guys like Will Demps)

    top 7 things...


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