Does this dress look good on?

Sorry, I don't know how to make a link-y thing, but there's a dress on my profile, and I wanted to know if it looks good on? I have a school dance coming up, and I want to impress someone (: it's got a criss cross rope back , and I would wear it with my fishnet tights?


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  • making a link: just take the url and post it in to your question. a url is something like "" a good site for photos is

    as for the question. its really cute dress and I like how your legs look in it. fishnets would only cover them up, plus I dk if your school allows those. I wouldn't suggest them

    • Yeah my friends said my legs looked good, but the dress barely covers my ass, so I was a little worried I would look like a slut :L Do you think I look slutty?

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    • People call you unattractive? Their blind. Anywhoo, thank you for your advice (:

    • it happens. I don't let it get to me, like I said. and you're welcome. hope the dance goes well :)

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  • Yeah, I do. Cute, pretty & stylish. For future reference, to make a link, pull up the web page, right click & copy the address up top, ( link & paste the whole thing into the question like a sentence. When you submit the question it turns into a link. Hooe I wasn't too simplistic in my explaining. I don't want to be patronizing, but in case you're new to that kind of thing, I wanted to make sure I explained propperly...

    • Thank you (: No, you weren't patronising (:

    • Cool :D LOL I was just trying to say the letters in the address so you'd know & I made a link without meaning to ha ha LOL Glad it helped...

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  • I think it looks very flattering on you :) have fun and go get em girlie !

  • It fits you really good but I can't really see the design of it... And I just think fishnets are slutty sO I wouldn't go with those


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