Where can I find clothes, I am super petite?

I am a size 0 possibly 00, size 4.5 shoes and I have a 32B chest..

Find clothes is a pain and I was wondering if y'all in Yahoo!Answers Land know where I can find clothes

US stores if possible but if I HAVE to go international and shipping is cheap enough I can go international


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  • YAY! you are my size!

    pants are hard. JC penny is cheap and work OK for me. delias is more expensive but they have 00s and really short ones. Macy's sometimes has sales on their jeans and you would find 0 there. I can only fit their skinny jeans.

    Shirts are easiest for me (forever 21, ross, Khols)

    Bras - Victoria Secret, target is good too. (if you get VS credit card it is can be pretty cheap and you get free stuff often!)

    shoes...i have to wear size 5 and I get boots or sandles. I sometimes look in the kids section if they are cute and mature. I would say Target for shoes.

    I found some cute boots today at Charming Charlies size 5 tho.

    Hope it helps.

    It IS a pain to find things our size but it is possible! good lucks :)

    • thanks! ill try those places whewn the income tax money arrives

    • good luck I am on a tight buget too so they should be too expensive if you know how to shop smart

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  • I don't know if this is strictly local or if they only sell older, dressy clothes, but there's a place in New Orleans called Petite Sophisticate. My mom has the SAME problem & shops there...


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  • Not sure about American stores, but a UK store that I've come across had a section just for petites, it's called Miss Selfridge. Maybe you should google this? I'm sure you'll find some national stores :)

  • Pants- areopostale ..a&f & holister

    braws- macys

    shoes - kids footlocker .exxpressions


    • im kinda poor for areo and all that preppy stuff

      im not paying $50 for pants that will only last me like a month

    • try JCP & OLd navy and gap

      they have pretty cute jeans and shirts at a low price

      btw - they are always haveing sales :)

  • Go to the teen department it's good and even cheaper, also Asian stores as they are smalller

  • I'm a 0 and I really like macys jeans. Around 35$

  • Abercrombie kids is the first thing that popped into my head. Their clothes are almost identical to the adult store but they're just smaller. I'm really petite too so I shop there a lot.


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