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I've been casually seeing a guy for 6 months, we have become great close friends, with each other every night doing things together etc. He split up with ex a few months before we got together. I know she left him broken hearted. He keeps saying we are just friends and classes himself as single? what do I do, hang in there or let it go I want a relationship but he doesn't want to because he's been hurt in the past, is he just using me?


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  • He is still unsure of his feelings for you and is definitely enjoying his time with you, why are you saying he is using you? have you already went with him on bed? If not that's OK for now..Try to give him assurance that your different from his past Girlfriend but don't compare yourself..be supportive of him..But if you wait a little longer and he still does not realize you want more than friendship..make your self unavailable sometimes so he will miss you and see his reaction will change..Your probably too available for him being there all the time when he wants your company..Stand your ground on this and be firm if your already ready to give up on him be honest..Just care for him but don't give in right away =)


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